Julie Greenham

Overcoming Fear of Failure to Soar in Your Business

Julie Greenham is a success coach, speaker and Founder of The Quiet Powerhouse. She’s also a mom and has been flying as a service director for a major Canadian airline for over 20 years! Julie helps entrepreneurs accelerate their success so they can get the outstanding results they want by focusing on two often-neglected game-changers; the right mindset & productivity power. If there is one thing she's certain of… is that real change and results are rooted at the mindset level, and her life is a testament to that! She loves working her magic to help her clients find that sweet spot between success in their business and prioritizing their personal well-being.

Sarah Cooke

Become the CEO of your life to skyrocket your success

Sarah is a high performance business & marketing coach for ambitious, female entrepreneurs & leaders. She specialises in providing clarity and simple strategies to supercharge sales & income to build a business model that increases financial sustainability and profits whilst also thriving in life.

Sarah has lived and worked across the world, both in large scale multinational corporate environments and as an award-winning entrepreneur, setting up 3 successful businesses – she has experienced the pitfalls and learnt how to achieve business & financial goals without compromising your health.

With over 20 years experience in sales, marketing & business strategy, Sarah is also a Positive Psychology Coach, best-selling author, former England athlete and qualified holistic health therapist. Sarah has scaled her own multi-tiered sustainable business model to 6 figures, whilst keeping a flexible lifestyle and is passionate about supporting ambitious women who want a successful business and a freedom-based lifestyle.

Julie DeLucca-Collins

How to Increase your confidence with simple habits

Julie is a highly sought-after speaker, business coach, and author dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to build and grow successful businesses.

With a passion for helping women establish and expand their brands, Julie has become a trusted advisor for many women out there. Certified in Tiny Habits, Julie leverages her expertise to guide individuals toward positive behavioral changes that lead to lasting success.

Her coaching expertise extends beyond this domain, as she is also a Thrive Global Certified coach, providing holistic guidance to her clients whenever they need them. Julie's impressive achievements include publishing her book in September 2021, quickly soaring to the top of multiple categories, earning the coveted #1 spot.

Building on this success, she is currently preparing to release the audiobook version and already has plans for future publications. As a dynamic speaker, Julie has captivated audiences with her insightful talks and has been featured on prominent media outlets such as ABC, NBC, and FOX. She is also an upcoming speaker on the TEDx stage in the Upcoming TEDx MellenStreet scheduled for November 2023.

Julie's multifaceted background as a speaker, business coach, author, and advocate for women's empowerment makes her an influential figure in the entrepreneurial world. Through her diverse range of skills and experiences, she continues to positively impact the lives of countless individuals, fostering their growth and success.

Swapna Patel


Swapna is a Minneapolis based personal style expert who curates on-brand wardrobes for high-achieving women. A former New York City fashion designer, Swapna teaches success-driven entrepreneurs how to use their wardrobe as a tool to boost their online visibility, increase their impact and elevate their personal brand. She has helped physicians, coaches, fitness experts, photographers, realtors, and other high achievers level up their style to look like true industry experts.

Swapna’s power tools are color, accessories and a healthy dose of fashion psychology. She believes that anyone who sticks to neutrals and barely there accessories, simple doesn’t know what works best for them, yet.

When she’s not remixing the perfect outfit for her clients, she plays short-order cook to her resident picky eaters- remixing pantry and fridge ingredients for creative culinary creations. Her guilty pleasures include but are not limited to Bollywood Movies & Music, Binge-worthy homemade brownies, and a sale at Anthropologie. She dreams of her next beach vacay and curling up with the latest historical fiction, spicy margarita in hand.

Jimmy Burroughes

PACED - how to beat burnout when you start your business

Jimmy Burroughes is a leadership expert on a mission to change the way we achieve business results. With over two decades of experience as an Officer in the British Military and a track record of success as a people leader in top global organizations.

Jimmy and his team have helped leaders and their teams in some of the world’s leading organisations get 'off the burnout ledge' and back into doing their greatest work, earning promotions, and accomplishing huge goals.

He and his high-performance culture facilitator team have developed a proven approach to distilling best practices down into practical insights. They incorporate elements of neuroscience, behavioural science, energetics, and a variety of leadership concepts which leaders are comfortable applying in their own teams.
It’s not fancy - it just works!

Jimmy hosts his own podcast and is also the author of the bestselling Beat Burnout - Ignite Performance.

Kathryn Lang 

Lean Into Your Voice

Knowing your unique voice gives you the strength to walk out your best life.

You have to dare to be you – because you are the only you that there is. It seems scary to step out into the you that you were designed to be – but only because the world had told us from the get-go that we are to conform. We are supposed to adhere to the rules they set and fit into the box they create.

But when you determine to be you, then what they say means so much less, and you can walk out the path only you can go.

Laura Hulleman

Build Your Lighthouse - How Your Brand Attracts Clients

Laura Hulleman is the creator of the Endotype Formula and lead trainer of the Endotype Branding system. She is the best selling author of My Walk My Way, and you can hear her weekly on her podcast Raving Coaches.

Laura is a powerful truth teller and your business best friend. She wants all small business owners to understand that they can succeed by simply being who they authentically are.

Jenny Melrose

How to organically attract your audience

Jenny is a former reading specialist who “retired” from her teaching career when her blogging income far exceeded her salary. Through hard work and dedication, her lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family, became regularly sought out by nationally recognized brands such as Neutrogena, Smuckers, Glad, Costco, Stanley Steamer, Sara Lee, and many more. She is a content strategist that helps entrepreneurs better understand their messaging and unique position in the online space. Now, she’s combining her passion for teaching with her extensive experience of creating strategic content for online business owners via JennyMelrose.com and her podcast, Influencer Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose as well as her first book Influencer Entrepreneurs: The 4-Step Framework to Building Your Audience, Growing Your Business, and Making More Money Online.

Kelly Ryan

Setting Up SelfCare for You & Your Team

Kelly Ryan is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and Certified Virtual Coach helping tech companies level up their health and wellness through a fun and practical approach.

Kelly also graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute, previously owned her own restaurant in her hometown of St. John's, Newfoundland and has a background in policy and auditing.

When Kelly is not hosting live talks and cooking classes, or helping with corporate wellness plans, she is spending time hiking, camping or playing video games with her husband 2 awesome kiddos.

Fun Fact: Kelly released her own cooking show on Rogers Television in 2023!!

Kabrina Budwell

Crafting Magnetic Narratives: Unlocking Your Personal Brand through Powerful Storytelling

Kabrina Ashley is a former Disney Trainer, speaker, and author who guides leaders on an adventure to discover the link between their story, system, and strategy that becomes their secret weapon. She has been featured by Rocky Mountain Marketing, ConvertKit, Interact, and MailCon. She specializes in frameworks and messaging alignment for businesses to accelerate growth and attract their ideal audience. Kabrina integrates brain science, psychology, and gamification to help leaders create raving fans that come back again and again.

Casey LightBody

From Relentless Content Creation and Social Media Noise to High-Quality Leads: Harnessing the Power of Others

Casey is a business growth strategist and marketing mentor for intuitive, conscious, impact-driven women. As a seasoned entrepreneur who has scaled multi six figure companies over the last 10 years, Casey knows first hand what it takes to create sustainable yet exponential success. After making the hard decision to close her first business, she went on to build her second in a way that feels abundant, aligned and authentic and is now dedicated to helping women embody their quiet power and scale their businesses, 100% on their terms.

 Ida Cummings

how to grow your business with the right video strategyNAME OF THE TRAINING

Ida, a renowned Multimedia Video Content Strategist & Digital Education Expert, launched her career in 2013 as a photographer upon completing her degree in television broadcasting. She quickly gained recognition for her exceptional work with organizations dedicated to empowering women. In 2020, Ida embraced a new challenge, turning the camera on herself and launching her YouTube channel. Her innate passion for teaching soon flourished into the creation of online courses. Today, she empowers fellow entrepreneurs by sharing her expertise on leveraging knowledge for online presence growth, while also offering top-notch video production services. Ida's mission is to help her clients craft a fulfilling and thriving life they adore.

Kath Grimmit

The Aligned Brand Builder: Your Path to Building an Aligned and Magnetic Brand

Kath is an intuitive branding designer for people who help people. Her approach to branding and building brands is more holistic and based on staying connected and true to your values so that you can help people in your own unique way by being yourself! Developing tools and confidence to help others using your magic through branding and building a brand by being yourself.

Kath has been in the design industry for over 15 years. Formerly a fashion designer, Kath has navigated the intense world of the fashion industry, running her own fashion label to becoming an intuitive branding designer through trusting her own intuition and learning along the way. She believes we have all the answers, we just need to trust ourselves a little more to make the magic happen.

Build a brand by being your true authentic self. Get aligned and clear on your values and vision so that you can build a brand with integrity, that’s aligned to your heart-led purposed of helping others and doing good in the world - all by being yourself!

Gresham Harkless

You are a Media Company

Gresham “Gresh” W. Harkless Jr. is the founder of Blue16 Media and CBNation. Blue16 Media uses media & technology to change lives. These media properties include Blue16 Marketing-a digital marketing agency providing digital marketing services including web design, website support & SEO services. CBNation consists of media properties (blogs, podcasts and videos) helping the business community succeed. Central to Blue16’s marketing philosophy is that You Are a Media Company and that every organization is in the media business and can strategically leverage marketing tools, platforms, and “ingredients” to reach their goals.

Gresh is a proud graduate of Howard University & Georgetown University. He was selected in 2022 as a 50+ Black Marketer on the Rise in the Influencer & Media Innovators category. He also is a graduate of the 2020 Leadership Center for Excellence Young Professionals Program in 2016, and he was recognized for being 40 Under 40 in Northern Virginia in 2022 and Alexandria in 2020. He has recorded over 1600 podcast episodes of the I AM CEO Podcast and shared the 100+ business lessons he has learned from recording the episodes in the I AM CEO Handbook Volume 3.

Jennifer Kolbuc

How to plan 30 days of content in just 30 minutes

A quick-witted, multi-tasker, when Jennifer is not colour coding her latest worksheets, she’s hitting the trails around Metro Vancouver, rain or shine.
She’s known for her sense of adventure, and her competitive board game skills.

Women-led businesses hire Jennifer when they realize it’s time to get a social media strategy in place for their business.

Jennifer has spent over a decade helping big brands, non-profits, and government agencies light up their social media channels with on brand content. She has a no BS approach, and gets right to the heart of the matter, so that her clients can start to see results immediately.

It’s her passion to share her knowledge of digital marketing in small groups and on big stages. Hire her for your next in-person or online event!

Heather Ritchie

Smart Content Creation Tips for New Online Business Owners

Heather Ritchie is a Certified Content Marketing Strategist, dedicated coach for content creators, and SEO content writer at Writer's Life for You. It’s her goal to make content creation easier and less overwhelming and help women establish thriving and profitable online businesses

Tracy Repchuk

ChatGPT: The Fast Path to the Cash

> 23 appearances in Forbes
> 9 Time International Bestselling Author 

> World-renowned speaker in over 39 countries
> Award-winning entrepreneur, writer and speaker including awards from Senate, Assembly, the White House and President Obama
> Started a software company in 1985 at the age of 19 

> Pioneer on the internet since 1994 

> Invited member to Amazon Influencer and Linkedin Advisor programs
> Featured expert in over 22 National and Local TV - ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and more 

> Featured in 3 motivational movies

> Global leader serving thousands of clients around the world to reach millions with your message

Chris Burns

Your Business Starts With Your Personal Brand

My name is Chris and I'm a marketing consultant. I help businesses differentiate themselves and stand out in a crowded field. My approach…….. make things simple and easy. I’ll make it so easy, you’ll be excited to manage your own social media. And, because you’ll be generating results, it’s gonna be fun.

About Me:
I’m a a serial entrepreneur, author, adjunct professor, digital marketing coach, podcaster, consultant, husband, and father of 3. I know, it’s a lot but it's helped me develop a strong yet diverse skill set.

I’ve worked in marketing for over 20 years. I’ve also been fortunate to help hundreds of businesses including my own scale by doubling down on digital. That success all starts by helping businesses differentiate and stand out rather than blend in. I also believe strategy and execution are the elements missing for small to medium-sized businesses.

Katie Brinkley

How Podcasting is a Content Generating Machine

Katie Brinkley is an expert in leveraging social media for growth. With 19 years of experience, she's helped businesses of all sizes, from AT&T and DirecTV to solopreneurs and local businesses, build a strategy to attract the right followers and generate consistent leads. Her platform-agnostic approach ensures bottom-line results at every stage of the sales process. Katie's background in radio journalism and social savvy allows her to bring unique insights and effectively share her clients' stories through their social media strategy. With her guidance, her clients are able to grow their audience and income in just an hour a week.

Shay Wheat

5 Phases of Event Leverage

Katie Brinkley is an expert in leveraging social media for growth. With 19 years of experience, she's helped businesses of all sizes, from AT&T and DirecTV to solopreneurs and local businesses, build a strategy to attract the right followers and generate consistent leads. Her platform-agnostic approach ensures bottom-line results at every stage of the sales process. Katie's background in radio journalism and social savvy allows her to bring unique insights and effectively share her clients' stories through their social media strategy. With her guidance, her clients are able to grow their audience and income in just an hour a week.

Amira Irfan

4 Legal Mistakes to Avoid

Internationally renowned Amira Irfan is the business lawyer, blogger, and coach behind A Self Guru, an online company that has been featured around the world for helping entrepreneurs legally protect their businesses through its affordable legal templates and services. Amira has had the honor of helping over 50,000 entrepreneurs comply with the laws and safeguard their businesses. Her work has been featured in 200 media outlets such as Ticker News, Yahoo Finance, International Business Times, Business Digest Magazine, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, US Times Now, and more!

Charlotte Jones

You can Run a BUSINESS & HomESchool Your Kids with the right Time MANAGEMENT

My name is Charlotte Jones and I live in sunny South Africa with my husband, twin boys and two mini dachshunds. I've been a working homeschool mom since 2017 and I love it! As a coach and the creator of My Little Homeschool and The Strike a Balance Podcast for Working Homeschool Moms, I help women who homeschool while working to juggle all the things, while welcoming more joy and ease into their lives.Charlotte Jones lives in sunny South Africa with her husband neurodivergent twin boys and two mini dachshunds. She's been a working homeschool mom since 2017 and she loves it! As a coach and the creator of My Little Homeschool and The Strike a Balance Podcast for Working Homeschool Moms, she helps women who homeschool while working to strike a healthy balance so that they can welcome more ease and joy into their lives.

Aurora Gregory

Creating A Win-Win-Win Strategy for Public Speaking

Speaker Coach. Business Strategist

Aurora’s career as a communicator started when she was 14. As an 8th grader, she was a finalist in a speech contest. While she didn’t win, the experience launched her into the world of communicating stories and ideas.Today, she is a speaker coach and business strategist, teaching knowledge experts how to land stages, connect with audiences, and build businesses they love.

She is the co-author of the speaker pitch best-seller, “Get Picked: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Creating an Irresistible Speaker Proposal.”Called a “secret weapon” by clients, Aurora is also a strategic content creator for global financial services companies.When she’s not talking, you’ll find her serving at her church, hiking the foothills in her hometown, or watching classic movies.

Brittany Long

Train Your AI TEAM

Known as the Queen of Evergreen and creator of AI Copy Club, the most affordable, most understandable way to learn AI, Brittany Long is a former award-winning educator who works with entrepreneurs to automate their business for a regret-free life. Through the use of her Friday Off Framework, she takes Fridays off and encourages other entrepreneurs to do the same.

Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami

How to Land Your First Paid Speaking Gig

Jenn Espinosa-Goswami is an ICF-certified speaker coach at Weightless LLC who helps small businesses leverage their expertise through paid public speaking. A Coach of the Year finalist from International Association of Women, Jenn is an international speaker who has been featured on Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Women's Health, and numerous podcasts. Jenn quit corporate after 16 years of financial service roles, and has served in leadership positions on two non-profit boards. She has a BA in Global Studies and MA in Leadership and is currently Communications Director for the ICF-MN chapter. Jenn lives in Minneapolis with her husband, two daughters, Chiweenie and leopard gecko.

Sharon Nolan

How to Scale Impact through Group Programs

Sharon Marie started her entrepreneurial journey as a virtual assistant back in 2018. Sharon combines her love/skill for business system implementation with her passion for coaching. Her zone of genius is helping her clients grow their communities online through brand development, website & funnel design, automation, and project + team management.

Sharon supports solopreneur and multi-passionate moms & women to amp up their income streams while streamlining their process with 1-to-many offers. This includes helping them to incorporate some type of course, membership, group program, or unique hybrid offer within their current business model. Sharon is all about guiding women to live life to their fullest potential.

With her knack for helping bring women together to build thriving communities from the ground up, and her affinity for all things tech and branding, she is able to provide her clientele with unmatched support in getting their group program out and into the world.Plus, as a wife and boy mom of 3, she understands how her clients can feel stretched to their limits, and it is her mission to make sure that whatever program they work on together is designed around their lifestyle while providing more flexibility within their business.

Sarah Heeter

Use Your Voice Roadmap to Podcasting

Sarah K. Heeter is the founder & CEO of Podfox Media, a podcast production & strategic consultation company, & the co-host of the podcast Big Brave Business. She is a voice for business ethics, camaraderie and connection, and revolutionary leadership in entrepreneurship.

Marilyn Devonish


Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess™ Coach, is a Business Graduate, holds a Post Graduate Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, is a Corporate Trainer, Management Consultant, Prince2 Project Manager and Freelance Writer.

She is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Certified PhotoReading™ Accelerated Learning Instructor, Archetypal Profiling, Archetypal Branding and Team Dynamics Consultant, Multi-Disciplinary Therapist, Certified Life and Executive Coach, and corporate Mental Health First Aid Trainer. She has been a specialist Remote Working Implementation Consultant since 2003.Marilyn is also a Practitioner in EFT, EmoTrance, DNA Theta Healing, Hawaiian Huna, Access Bars, Access Consciousness, Energetic NLP, Positive EFT, Past Life Regression, Opening the Heart (OTH), Future Life Progression, and Reiki.

n addition, Marilyn is Freelance Magazine Writer, regular TV Media Commentator, Keynote Speaker, and offline and online Workshop Facilitator. She has been in the field of personal development since the year 2000, after giving up her Chartered Accountancy studies to become a Coach and Hypnotherapist.Marilyn is also an accomplished speaker and has given talks and presentations at conferences and events around the world.

She has appeared on television and radio programs, and her work has been featured in numerous global publications, including Forbes, Huffington Post, Sunday Telegraph Australia, The Gulf Times, The Times, The Telegraph, Chartered Management Institute, Stylist Magazine, Personnel Today, TalkTV, and BBC Radio.

Cailen Ascher

100K with One Zoom Per WeEK

Cailen Ascher is an award-winning business coach with a 3-day workweek, a mom of two and the creator of Scale-Up Accelerator™. She specializes in helping coaches create Premium Group Programs that can bring in $100K+ per year with ONE Zoom call a week.

Brooke Allison 

Your Way to 100k

Brooke Allison is a Multiple Six-Figure Mind Shift Expert and Achievement Strategist for ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to scale to their next 6 figures by creating a business and a mindset that is Fiercely Unstoppable®! As a Master Practitioner in NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, and more, she helps her clients rewire and master their psychology while building a solidify a proven strategic system for a massive increase in their income and impact. Brooke Allison has been seen on over 20+ platforms including, Women Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo!News, Podcast Row, and several others.

Allison Nelson

3 Steps to Getting Clients

Allison Nelson is a business coach for women who want to scale their business with effective group coaching programs. She is a mama, marketing expert, counselor. podcaster, international speaker and educator. She weaves all of her experience into her business so that her clients are taking massive action towards growing their online business and taking care of their family.

Melissa Leon

Know Your Numbers Time& Money with TWO SENSE

Melissa Leon is a twenty-year finance professional passionate about teaching financial literacy.

She is the best-selling author and podcast host of Efficiency Bitch, How Ambitious Women Can Have It All Without Doing It All.Melissa is a mother of three rambunctious children and knows the transformation from ambitious woman to SuperMom intimately.

 After fighting hard to ‘have it all,’ she learned valuable lessons to establish harmony between womanhood, motherhood, and professional ambitions.Melissa spent twenty years in finance and accounting management in the luxury hotel industry before starting a fractional CFO Company called Two Sense Consulting. There, she found her voice, helping to influence real-life changes for ambitious women who aspire to build a rewarding career and raise a family.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Hotel / Restaurant Management, a Masters in Business Administration, and a Project Management Professional Certification.

Melissa’s family resides in Arizona, where they enjoy camping, golfing, and swimming.

Becky Kopitzke

How to Increase Your Influence and Income Through Digital Product Sales Funnels

Becky Kopitzke is a multi-published author and founder of The Inspired Business, a coaching hub dedicated to helping content creators and coaches monetize their passion work in order to keep it sustainable. A veteran blogger, freelance writer, speaker and writing coach, Becky’s sweet spot is in digital product sales funnels, an ideal method for getting paid to grow your audience

Becky and her husband Chad are building the life they love from home offices in northeast Wisconsin, where they share precious space with their two teen daughters, tables stacked with homework, and two devoted office dogs. Becky is a big fan of matcha lattes, family game night, historical fiction and pretty much anything chocolate.

Laurie Palau

Turning Your Passion Into as Profession

Laurie Palau is the author of the book HOT MESS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GETTING ORGANIZED, host of the popular weekly podcast, This ORGANIZED Life, and founder of Simply B Organized-a lifestyle company helping people live simply and work smarter.

Her advice has been featured in national publications including Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens & The New York Times.Laurie speaks, teaches, and writes on the topics of clutter, communication, and women’s entrepreneurship.Her CLUTTER CLINIC™ is a nationwide workshop that looks at different types of clutter and provides strategies to help your team, group, or organization feel more empowered to tackle the areas where they feel most overwhelmed.

Her latest work looks at how clutter and communication styles impact our relationships using the personality typology of the Enneagram.

Laurie is the mom to 2 grown-ish girls and lives in New Hope, PA with her husband Josh and their dog Jeter.

Deasha Waddup

How to Launch in way that is fun and easy with your Facebook Group

Deasha Waddup from Social Treats has worked in marketing for over 9 years with extensive experience working internationally in corporate environments and in digital marketing agencies before founding Social Treats. Deasha is accredited by Facebook as a Lead Trainer and Community Manager.

Social Treats Ltd is also a certified Community Management company by Meta.Deasha has helped businesses scale to multiple 6 and 7 figures since launching Social Treats in 2016.

Using organic social media strategies, she has perfected a system that she now teaches through her coaching programs.Deasha has worked with clients to build webinar funnels, membership funnels and even sell high ticket offers with absolutely no “funnels” all utilising organic strategies in particular Facebook Groups. She drives leads for high ticket items in industries spanning from wellness to coaching and lots in between.

Deasha enjoys working remotely from any location in the world and believes everyone should have the same freedom and flexibility in their life. That is why she is passionate about helping other people to consciously create a life they choose.

Ziza Natur

Selling from the stage: How I built a successful coaching business in less than 2 years using public speaking skills that I already had

Ziza is a highly rated speaker and coach with 23 years of stage experience as a speaker, performer, musician, host and group facilitator, and 8 years in online and offline marketing.

Since launching The Voice of Power in 2021, Ziza worked with business owners from over 12 countries (with attendance at in-person events from 3 different countries), spoke at over 80 events, and has been featured twice in Clubhouse Town Hall by the app founders for the weekly room hosted in the Women’s Wisdom Club.

Ziza works with expert business owners and leaders to amplify their voice and authority through powerful communication skills expressed with confidence and authenticity, as well as increase the conversion rate of their public appearances through strategic and targeted messaging. She helps them become the go-to experts in their industries, make an impact and leave a legacy through their work.

Depending on the strategy that they choose to focus on, Ziza’s clients’ results vary from being booked out from their IG lives to TEDx talks, podcast guesting, speaking at summits and selling their retreats through networking.She is also a multi-award-winning musician, the author of the first Romanian poetry book printed on recycled paper, and creator of a research-backed coaching tool called singing affirmations, which leads to increased professional performance for non-musicians in less than 4 weeks.

Elise Aricheta

Selling without Selling

Elise is a two decade corporate career dropout, turned Business Coach and Strategist for woman coaches and consultants. She is a proud wife and mother of three.

Elise is also the owner and founder of Inspired Women Entrepreneurs, which is a collective of women who are building their empires to create generational wealth.

Abigail King

How to earn a living through travel

Abigail King is an award-winning writer and broadcaster who has worked with the BBC, UNESCO, the EU, NASA and more.

She’s the founder of Inside the Travel Lab, described by National Geographic Traveler as “Essential Reading” and Lonely Planet as “one of the best travel blogs in the world.”She is also the Head of Digital at Bradt Travel Guides, the world's largest independent travel publisher.

In addition to publishing guidebooks and narratives, Bradt has a substantial web and social media presence and is always looking for new, creative partnerships.Abigail King has broadcast live for Lonely Planet on more than 50 occasions in more than 15 countries.

 Locations include the chambers of Marie Antoinette in the Palace of Versailles, the highest mountain on the Arabian Peninsula, the darkness of the Arctic Circle and the twilight of the Book of Kells in Dublin.Abigail King spoke at the High Level EU-China Summit on Sustainable Tourism at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and joined a panel to talk about responsible tourism for NASA-Hybrid CoE in Helsinki.

Melissa Mittelstaedt

Navigating Finances as a Business Owner

Melissa Mittelstaedt is a Financial Coach who works with unconventional earners. She is an expert in financial organization and overcoming sabotaging behaviors. She offers 1:1 coaching & a three-month group program, The Break Free Method, which features a combination of practical and simple tools rooted in the Positive Intelligence® framework. Melissa has been featured in online articles such as U.S. News, MSN, The Motley Fool, and various personal finance blogs. She's on a mission to make finances feel easy for those who experience the ebbs and flows.

Laura Bastion

5 Steps to Turn Your Current Skills, Knowledge or Life Experience InTO A DIGITAL BUSINESS

Laura Bastion is a seasoned entrepreneur who's been conquering the online business game for over 20 years. She kickstarted her career as a virtual assistant while bed-ridden with her third child (talk about a #bossmom!), and since then, she's grown her company to a six-figure powerhouse while raising five kiddos - proving that women really can do it all!

As a project manager extraordinaire, Laura's handled hundreds of websites, sales funnels, online list builds, and webinars with ease. Her clients ranged from start-up business owners to 7-figure bosses - so you know she's got the skills to pay the bills!But her true calling lies in empowering women to find their unique voices and share their message with the world. The thing that really sets Laura apart: she's passionate about helping women bring their unique passions online and create a business they truly love.

From coaches and authors to consultants and service providers, Laura has helped countless women launch their signature programs and services, build their email lists, and achieve six and seven-figure businesses, some starting from scratch.

Having faced personal challenges, including a battle with cancer, enduring multiple surgeries, and the profound loss of her parents, Laura's resilience shines. She's more determined than ever to expand her impact, ensuring that more women can achieve professional freedom. 

For Laura, it's not just about business; it's about granting women the time freedom to cherish moments with their loved ones and the autonomy to make choices for themselves.

Plus, with experience working behind the scenes with some of the best internet marketers, authors, and coaches out there, Laura's got insider knowledge that can take any business to the next level.


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